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Item Size: 150mmW x 180mmH x 21mmD

Colour Range: Clear

Pad Print: 45mmW x 45mmH (CG003), 30mmW x 12mmH (NF002 front), 76mmW x 12mmH (NF002 back), 45mmW x 12mmH (LPB002), 50mmW x 12mmH (BS001)

Direct Digital: 55mmW x 55mmH (CG003), 158mmW x 20mmH (NF002 back, may require bleed), 45mmW x 8mmH (LPB002), 70mmW x 10mmH (BS001)

Digital Label: 58mmW x 47mmH (LPB002), 101mmW x 75mmH (PKG013)

Screen Print: 100mmW x 75mmH (PKG013)

Qty per box: 50

Packaging: Loose Packed

Packaging size (cm): 52cm x 21cm x 36cm

Packaging weight (kg): 7.3 kg

Beauty Bundle includes Remo Compact Mirror, Paris Nail File, Lip Balm Stick, Bath Salt Tube, and packed in a PVC ISUKI Pencil Case.

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