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Tube: 68mmW x 143mmH

Tissue: 130mmW x 185mmH

Colour Range: White

Pad Print: 40mmW x 40mmH

Rotary Print: 160mmW x 80mmH (one colour only)

Full Colour Digital: 225mmW x 156mmH (includes 3mm bleeding), 48mmW x 35mmH (top oval shape), 68mmW x 68mmH (top round shape) (5mm overlapping area due to technical limitations)

Qty per box: 200

Packaging: Loose Packed in Plastic Bag

Packaging size (cm): 62cm x 62cm x 47cm

Packaging weight (kg): 15 kg

Car bucket dry tissues, a great promotional product for car industry. Paper cylinder fits car mug holder, 4 colour digital printing covers whole cylinder which displays huge amount of information. It contains 60 double layer tissues, tissues can be refilled by opening bottom lid, refill tissues are available for optional normal white tissue and brown bamboo fiber tissue(indent only).

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